Our Equine Services

We have a variety of therapies available to help your horse live a balanced and healthy life. We specialize in performance enhancement, injury recovery/ prevention, and whole body balance. Our customized wellness programs are designed for each horse’s unique health needs.

Massage Therapy

A hands on stretch to bring balance and relaxation to the body. Massage therapy can help with reducing pain, fatigue, stress, relaxation, balance, improving performance, and overall wellness for your horse. 

Myofascial Release

Myofascial release will decrease tension, reduce inflammation/pain, and increase power, strength, and endurance.

Decompression Therapy

Cupping is a widely popular therapy for athletes. It helps bring circulation to the fascia tissue to promote recovery and healing.

Red light Therapy

Red Light Therapy helps stimulate circulation and bring oxygen to the body. It assists in healing damaged muscles tissue and relaxation.

Surefoot Pads

Surefoot pads help relieve joint pain and allow the body to rest and relax.

Kinesiology Tape

K-tape helps with pain relief, fatigue, soreness, joint support and recovery. The tape works by communicating with receptors to help the brain and the body work together to heal and recover.

Saddle Fit

Coming soon! I’m currently completing my Saddle Fit Certification. I’m looking forward to being your trusted saddle fitter.

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Wellness is a Journey!